Friday, February 5, 2016

The Month of Love ....and my Birthday

Find Love in Zermatt: Under the Matterhorn

Overwhelming and mystical, the Matterhorn provides nature’s most romantic stage in the world. Towering majestically over the ancient fairytale Swiss village of Zermatt (5’310 ft), the Matterhorn is omnipresent in this isolated valley and will lovingly accompany you throughout your romantic winter escape here.
Matterhorn above Zermatt Switzerland — Photo courtesy of Dominique Schreckling
The Matterhorn rises to 14,692 feet, and is also known as Mont Cervin in French and Monte Cervino in Italian), pro.  Its gateway is Zermatt, located on the Italian border of the Canton of Valais in the southeast of Switzerland.  There is something magical and eternally romantic about the soft snow and the silence it creates in winter. Furthermore, there is the fascinating natural beauty of the fresh snow that constantly changes the heart-stirring landscape all around you which inspires love…and snuggling after an exciting day on the ski slopes.
Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) Sunday Brunch — Photo courtesy of Zermatt Matterhorn Tourismus

Getting There

This Alpine paradise for lovers is easily accessible and the voyage to Zermatt is part of the romance. If you are traveling in the St. Moritz and Davos areas, you can take the famous panoramic Glacier Express train that seems to simply float around alpine curves and up the steep slopes using cogwheels to arrive in Zermatt.
In the winter, the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) is offering Sunday brunch in a panoramic Glacier Express coach on a shorter trip from Brig or Visp to Zermatt which operates until the beginning of April. Regional products from the cantons of Valais, Uri and Graubünden will be available in a self-service buffet for the brunch. If you are on a Sunday evening return trip from Zermatt there will be cheeses and a large variety of Swiss desserts.
Many other trains in and out of Zermatt are available with convenient connections to major cities in Switzerland and other European cities.
Old Village of Zermatt — Photo courtesy of Dominque Schreckling

Welcome to Zermatt

Arriving at the train station in the center of Zermatt you will encounter old-fashioned horse-drawn carriages or electro-taxis and electro-buses if you need transportation. These circulate in idyllic car-free Zermatt (pop. 5’775). Chances are that your accommodations are not far and you will be able to walk from the station.
As well as keeping pollution out of the air in Zermatt, the residents are intent on preserving their culture, heritage, and quaint ancient wooden chalets and farm buildings. Moreover, due to the isolated location there is no “city light” and the skies provide you with some very romantic starry and sometimes moonlit nights.
In addition to the always awe-inspiring presence of the Matterhorn, there are also other majestic Alps above Zermatt such as the Monte Rosa (15’203 ft) also calledDufourspitze which is the highest mountain in Switzerland. In fact, almost one third of the Swiss Alps which are higher than 13,124 feet, are located around Zermatt. This altitude equals 4’000 meters. Therefore, the Alps about this high are nicknamed “the 4’000s”.

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