Wednesday, January 20, 2016

GMB Akash...humanitarian photojournalist delivers holiday gifts to the impoverished

GMB Akash, Bangladesh


"That is the note every child received. In five straight days I had reached more than 500 children and gifted goodie bags that consisted of a piece of new clothing, a pair of slippers and chocolate. Then together we headed for the group lunch. The children smiled ear to ear, screamed in joy and burst out in happiness. 

All this happened through a ‘three day campaign on my Facebook fan page’. I would like to thank every friend who has donated HAPPINESS to these children. Thanks for sharing your world with these children. Five days from morning to noon I had unforgettable memories with street children, child labourers and unprivileged rural children. 

My friends, in this video I am sharing a glimpse of those happy moments which many of you have created along with me. I am welcoming you to have a look at what you have brought to these children!"  - GMB Akash

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